Spring 2009


Summer 2008

The Gobermans playing on the Forth of July...

   The humans in the Goberman menagerie have been rather busy recently.  There are changes happening every day!

    Little Mira  is now talking.  She is still at an age where it is hard to understand half of the words that she is saying.  But she can, at least, get her point across.  This has opened a whole new world to her.  She has become much more outgoing (almost to a fault!).  She is also a climber... and a jumper ... and a runner!  Seems to reminder us of a little Dan!!

   Cayleigh is growing too fast!  She is tall, and big and now when she jumps on us it hurts!  She is just as outgoing as ever...she will strike-up a conversation with anyone, telling them everything from her name, to what we are having for dinner.  She knows her letters and is constantly spelling out words in the books we read.  She is also a mean player!  She (and Mira) are still doing leadline horse riding at Folly Farm!  Though now she is not content with just walking around.  She is working on trotting doing her 'up-downs'.  

   Becca and Dan are busy trying to keep up with the kids.  In their little spare time, Dan has managed to acquire a new job!  Yes, Dan will be leaving UCONN for the first time in 18 years!!! He has accepted a position in United Technologies doing materials analysis and research.  Both he and Becca are excited for the change.  SO, all of you who just assumed you could reach Dan at UCONN for as long as he lived... you better update your address books.  


Last Updated on March 8, 2009

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