Cayleigh's First Summer
 Here are a set of pictures from Cayleigh's first summer.  They are in chronological order so you
can see how she has grown in about 5 months!  Enjoy!

Mommy and Baby April 28. Cayleigh in the bath, May 9. Family on Cape Cod, May 29. Beverly holding Cayleigh, May 29.
Cayleigh in the morning, June 14 Posing while Aunt Mary walks at Graduation, June 23. At Mary's graduation, June 23. Mom and baby resting after graduation, June 23.
In her bouncy-chair with friends, June 28. Mom and baby at the horse show, July 25. Open mouth smile, July 25. Poppy, baby, and Penny, Aug 8.
Great Uncle Larry and Cayleigh, Aug 15. Feeding time at Larry's, Aug 15. Push-ups at Larry's, Aug 15. Fashion show by Larry!, Aug 15.
Mom and Baby pose at the CHJA Finals, Aug 22. First ride on a horse, Aug 15. Exhausted after a long day, Aug 27. When a newspaper and baby collide! Oct 1.

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