The Goberman Animal(s)

Penny protects us from the wildlife... a bear!
  At the end of this video is a comparison between Cayleigh, Dan and the Bear!
Dan gives the bear a virtual hug...

     Welcome to the Goberman Animals Page!  Unfortunately, as the number of human children increases in the family, the number of animal children has decreased... Becca sold Maisie, our horse, in the Fall of this year.  With the birth of Mira, and the new house, she just didn't have the time to spend on training and maintaining that leaves Penny!

Penny:  Penny was adopted in March 2003.  She was estimated to be about 1.5 to 2 years old, though it was hard to say since she was a stray picked-up in Hartford.  The best we can guess is that she is a Staffordshire terrier - yellow lab mix, though other people have other ideas.

     Penny has been an only dog since July, when our dog Milo died from pancreatitis at the ripe old age of 13.  She is immensely bored when we are away from the house, but immensely happy when we return.  She is also gaining weight (63lbs now)!  I mention this because she thinks she is a lap dog!  If you have ever come to visit our house, you know how difficult it is to sit down without a yellow dog on climbing into your lap!

     Penny's greatest joy in life is chasing 'The Dot'.  We needed a method of getting her some exercise when she first came to us.  She was still a puppy with lots of energy and we didn't trust her to run around off the leash.  So, we took her to the indoor ring at Becca's farm, and threw a ball for her.  Unfortunately, she didn't understand that she was supposed to bring it back to us... a really work intensive game for us (and a threat to our hands as Penny didn't like to give-up the ball either).  That is when Becca came up with the idea of using the laser pointer!  'The Dot' was born!  Penny would chase the dot around the indoor riding ring at full speed, none stop, for as long as we could stand to do it!  She would come home exhausted.  So now if we mention the work 'dot', or anything that rhymes with dot (pot, lot, spot, etc) she freezes and starts looking at the ceiling...  It is a fun game for her and requires little effort on our part!


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