Welcome to the Pictures Page! The latest set of pictures is Mira Goberman Meets Her Family showing our newborn, Mira's first interactions with the world!

Mira Goberman's First Month 
A few pictures from the first month of Mira's life...

Mira Goberman Meets Her Family 
Pictures documenting Mira's first interactions after her birth!

December 2004- 
Pictures documenting our Holiday Season's travels and events...Alex and Claire's in OH, the Santa Stream Train, Christmas decorating and celebrating. 

Summer into Autumn (October 2004)- 
some great shots showing what we did in October as the leaves changed from green to red.

Cayleigh's First Summer- 
a photo review of what Cayleigh did for her very first summer!

Meighan and Dave's Wedding -
We've broken the whole wedding experience into three separate photo albums: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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