Mira Goberman meets her family!
 (Thursday July 13, 2006)

Mira on the scale. Mira on Moms shoulder. Mira looking at Mom. Mira and Dad.
Grandma and Mira. Uncle Tim and Mira. Grandpa Goberman and Mira. Aunt Mary and Mira.
Grandpa Goberman and Aunt Mary posing with Mira. Grandpa Goberman congratulating Becca. A Cayleigh blur... a bit excited about the new baby! Cayleigh and Daddy showing Cayleigh's new watch.
The newly expanded Goberman Family. The Goberman women. Grandma with the Goberman Girls. Grandpa Brady with Mira.
Cayleigh kissing her sister Mira. Grandma (Gigi) with Mira. Newborn Mira. The Goberman Family.
Dad, Mom and newborn. Mom and Baby. Cayleigh cooling off back at home. Mom and Mira laughing as Cayleigh play in the pool.
Mom an Mira outside. Baby Mira.

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