Mira Goberman's First Month
 (Friday August 11, 2006)

The new Goberman Family... Balloons were waiting when we got home. Mira's house on the hill. Mira sleeping on grandma.
Cayleigh at the grandparents house...mommy and daddy home resting! Becca at night with Mira. Becca buried while sorting baby cloths! Grandma and Mira talking.
Poppa, Cayleigh and Penny watching TV. Cayleigh, and Mira snuggling with Mommy. Cayleigh solving quantum equations at UCONN. Mira sleeping on a pillow.
Mira smiling for pictures. Granbrook park...old train bridge in distance. Girls napping at the park on a perfect afternoon. Cayleigh and Mira asleep together at the park.
Mira and Cayleigh hands. Cayleigh on the slide at the park. Beautiful view of bridge and river in Granbrook park...

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