October 2004
 Here are a set of pictures that show the transition from late summer into early fall.

Wildflowers hanging on to the bitter end. Milo contemplating the sunset. Mommy and Cayleigh out for a hike. Cayleighs idea of finger-painting.
Flying with Poppy Tom over northern Mass. Trees changing colors around Folly Farm. Peak foliage on Talcott Mountain. Cayleigh and Poppy communicating.
Beccas Folly Farm Pumpkin next to Witch Afflac. Baby exploring UNDER the table. Mommy and Cayleigh on Halloween. Cayleigh and her mini-pumpkin.
Milo the clown. Cayleigh showing off her pumpkin outfit. The family getting in the Halloween spirit! More mini-pumpkin fun!
Our costumes before heading out for CANDY! Family posing in the autumn leaves. Mommy and Cayleigh play in the leaves of Folly Farm. Daddy and baby pose in the leaves.
Milo wants to pose with the baby. Cayleigh in an autumn sunset.

Designed and Updated by Dan Goberman on 11-08-04!