The baby has arrived!  We had a baby girl who we named Mira Margaret.  She was born on July 13th at 1:45pm.  She weighed 8lbs 11.2 oz and we 19.5 inches long.  The actual delivery process was surprising quick and easy this time (compared to Cayleigh's effort at least).  That doesn't mean that we just waltzed into the hospital and out came the baby, though!!

    Becca was scheduled for an induction since Mira was over a week past her due date.  The hospital asked us to arrive at 10PM!! on Wednesday night...
Us: 'You said 10 PM, right?'
Hospital: 'That is correct, sir, 10pm on Wednesday.'
Us: 'You want us to arrive at the hospital, at 10pm?.. not that you are planning for the baby to be born at 10pm, right?'
Hospital: 'We would like you to arrive at the hospital at 10pm...that is right, sir.'
Us: '10 at NIGHT? right?'
Hospital: 'Yes, see you then' CLICK!

    So! we arrived at 10PM in the pouring rain to find everyone in the Delivery Wing looking like they had gone through a war!  We learned that they had delivered 21 babies that day!  Some sort of record for the hospital!  They just had enough room for us!  The good thing about this was that they started Becca on something to soften her cervix and said goodnight!  We saw one or two nurses during the course of the night, but otherwise, we slept!

   In the morning, the action started.  At about 7:30am they gave Becca a drug to get the contractions going.  They did!  By 10am the contractions were strong enough so that Becca asked for some drugs...and fell asleep!  Unfortunately, she woke for each contractions and was in quite a bit of pain...then fell immediately asleep again!  40 seconds awake, 1 to 2 minutes asleep...repeat!  After about 45 minutes of this, Becca went for an epidural.  This let her sleep through all the contractions.  The nurses checked her about every hour until 1:30pm when they announce, 'OK, I think you are ready to push.'  Becca woke up, surprised, and I blinked a few times.  Then in came the doctor in scrubs and the nurses started pulling tables and blankets out of everywhere.  Becca pushed through three contractions and THERE WAS THE BABY!  As I said above, the delivery was surprisingly quick and easy!

    Mira had the cord around her neck, but turned a normal color a few seconds after the cord was removed and she started crying.  Becca and Mira came home on that Saturday.  Mira lost some weight initially, but has gained it all back and more!  Becca is doing really well.  She had some pain meds the night of the delivery, but had only Tylenol since.  She was back at work for a short time the week after the delivery.


Last Updated on August 12, 2006

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